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Decaf K-Cups Review
Decaf K-Cups Review

We noticed so many "bold" and "rich" versions of regular coffee available as k-cups. We saw only a f

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Keurig Coffee Refills

Keurig K-Cup Coffee Refills - The Inside Scoop
Keurig K-Cup Coffee Refills – The Inside Scoop

We've opened up a variety of decaf k-cups to learn just what kind of coffee has been presented to us

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Decaffeinated K-Cups

Caribou Coffee K-Cups: Decaf Caribou Coffee K-Cup Review

We tested the Caribou Coffee Sumatra Decaf k-Cup in our test kitchen using an original Keurig singl

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Decaffeinated Coffee

Best Decaf Coffee for Keurig
Best Decaf Coffee for Keurig

We review the popular decaf K-cups with in depth notes on the decaf coffee as well as the brands, th

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Keurig K-Cups

How do K-Cups Work?
How do K-Cups Work?

We've taste tested hundreds, including over 6 varieties of decaf k-cups so far (and we're still goin

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