Decaf k-cups Reviewed

Decaffeinated K-Cups

Hacked By Imam

“…It’s not strong enough for my “I love good coffee” taste buds, but it’s “not bad”. I definitely won’t pass on this one, because it does have that amazing lack of anything off-color or off-flavor. I’ll keep a 24 box around and drink it when I’ve already had 10 cups of coffee and want to keep sipping a smooth, hot, coffee-flavored water.”

Counting Sheep “Lights Out” Decaf K-Cup Review

Counting Sheep "Lights Out" Decaf K-Cup Review

From Counting Sheep, we have Lights Out decaf K-Cups for Keurig style coffee machines. The Lights Out from Counting Sheep comes in a deep blue foil k-cup, with the adorable Counting Sheep logo across the top. Since this decaf k-cup fits the traditional Keurig machines (Keurig Version 1 or Traditional), there is no special hologram […]

Caribou Coffee K-Cups: Decaf Caribou Coffee K-Cup Review

We tested the Caribou Coffee Sumatra Decaf k-Cup in our test kitchen using an original Keurig single cup brewing machine, pairing the “Samosir Batak” with a fresh lemon pound cake.

Decaf K-Cups

Decaf K-Cups

Our reviews of decaf k-cup coffee refills are based on taste, color, smell, and overall satisfaction with the coffee, not the packaging. So what really matters when choosing a decaf K-cup is the coffee.