Decaf K-Cup: Van Houtte Extra Bold

Van Houtte Extra Bold Decaf K-cup (medium Roast)
Van Houtte Extra Bold Decaf K-cup (medium Roast)

Coffee: Van Houtte Extra Bold Decaf k-cups

Uncle Bob’s Review: I’m giving this Van Houtte Extra Bold decaf several chances to impress me, but so far no luck. I’ll keep adding notes here as I try and try again.

So far the taste is just off. I’m not enjoying it at all. I bought an extra box by mistake, so Ive got plenty of it and keep trying it. And every time I know that I;ve got “the Van Houtte” basicaly because I find it distasteful. No god reason why, so far, but definitely the dislike it real. Let’s put it this way — in a blind taste test, I am 100% confident I could pick out the Van Houtee “extra bold” decaf k-cups every time, and it’s not because it’s awesome extra bold decaf coffee.

I’ll post more notes as I continue evaluating this decaf coffee.