Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf

Coffee: Emerils Jazzed Up Decaf K-cupEmeril’s Gourmet Coffee for Keurig brewers (K-CUP), certified KSA Kosher.

Uncle Bob’s Review: I’m finding Emeril’s “Jazzed Up decaf” k-cups disappointing. I find it to be slightly bitter, and lacking in strength. I’m not sure what the “Jazzed Up” means, but I’m not enjoying it as a strong, tasteful coffee.

Now I know that overall, I have been critical of the weak decaf coffee brewed in the Keurig across the board. However, I have enjoyed some good coffee from the Kuerig, so I know it is possible to brew a strong, tasteful cup o’ joe via k-cups.

I put Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf somewhat better than relatively impressionless decaf coffees like the Caribou Coffee Decaf  Sumatra. It is certainly a bolder brew than the Newman’s Own Organic decaf k-cups (which brewed as weak as tea for me in one test),  but not nearly as flavorful as the Rainforest Espresso decaf k-cups, or even the French Roast decafs from Green Mountain.