Decaf K-Cups Review

decaf k-cups in Keurig Coffee Machine
Our Keurig coffee machine brewing a cup of decaf from Paul Newman’s

“The Best Decaf” project started as an exploration into decaffeinated k-cups  for the Keurig K-cup coffee machine.

We noticed so many “bold” and “rich” versions of regular coffee available as k-cups. We saw only a few decaffeinated k-cups on the shelf, and only one of those was “bold”. Unfortunately it was also “french Roast”, which is sort of bitter.

So we set out to explore all possible decaf k-cups, and find The Best Decaf for the Keurig. And we’re documenting it all here.

Watch as we explore the cost, taste, appearance, and consumer appeal factors by drinking a lot of decaf coffee, and sharing our search for the best decaf coffee for Keurig.