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  • Decaf K-Cups Review

    We noticed so many “bold” and “rich” versions of regular coffee available as k-cups. We saw only a few decaffeinated k-cups on the shelf, and only one of those was “bold”. Unfortunately it was also “french Roast”, which is sort of bitter…Reviews of decaf K-cup coffee for the Keurig coffee machine.

  • Counting Sheep “Lights Out” Decaf K-Cup Review

    Counting Sheep “Lights Out” Decaf K-Cup Review

    From Counting Sheep, we have Lights Out decaf K-Cups for Keurig style coffee machines. The Lights Out from Counting Sheep comes in a deep blue foil k-cup, with the adorable Counting Sheep logo across the top. Since this decaf k-cup fits the traditional Keurig machines (Keurig Version 1 or Traditional), there is no special hologram…

  • How do K-Cups Work?

    We’ve taste tested hundreds, including over 6 varieties of decaf k-cups so far (and we’re still going). We also experimented with the Keurig “use your own coffee” filter. So how do these plastic k-cups work and why do they make such good coffee?

  • New Decaf K-Cups! The Reviews…

    New Decaf K-Cups! The Reviews…

    New Decaf K-Cups in Uncle Bob’s Test Kitchen under review.

  • Keurig K-Cup Coffee Refills – The Inside Scoop

    We’ve opened up a variety of decaf k-cups to learn just what kind of coffee has been presented to us by Newman’s Decaf, Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf and other available decaf k-cups.