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  • Donut Shop Decaf K-Cups Reviewed

    “Donut Shop is not strong enough for my ‘I love good coffee’ taste buds, but it’s not badĀ. I definitely won’t pass on this one, because it does have that amazing lack of anything off-color or off-flavor. I’ll keep a 24 box around and drink it when I’ve already had 10 cups of coffee and […]

  • How do K-Cups Work?

    We’ve taste tested hundreds, including over 6 varieties of decaf k-cups so far (and we’re still going). We also experimented with the Keurig “use your own coffee” filter. So how do these plastic k-cups work and why do they make such good coffee?

  • New Decaf K-Cups! The Reviews…

    New Decaf K-Cups! The Reviews…

    New Decaf K-Cups in Uncle Bob’s Test Kitchen under review.